May. 2nd, 2006

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I admit that most of these fic recs have been shamelessly stolen from [ profile] issen4. That is all.

Endgame by [ profile] flonnebonne (ficlet, gen, au, Ryoma, Tezuka)
Language by [ profile] tarigwaemir (oneshot, gen, Ryoma, Shinji)
King by [ profile] prillalar (oneshot, gen, Ryoma, Atobe, Tezuka)
Champions part 1/2 2/2 by [ profile] assyrian (complete, gen, Ryoma, Rikkai)
Victory Road part 1 2 3 by [ profile] trinityhelix (series, WIP, gen, Ryoma, Fudomine)
Are You There, Karupin? It's Me, Kaidoh by [ profile] garlandgraves (oneshot, shounen-ai, Seigaku regulars, crack!)
Tenisu no Boifrendo by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, OT5, cracklicious)
In a Tight Spot by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, EchizenxShinji)
Best Laid (The Easy as Pi Remix) by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, InuKai)
Induction of Laughter: Introduction Experiment 1 2 3 and 4 5 by [ profile] ilanabean42 (series, complete, Seigaku Regulars, crack!)
Trial Test by [ profile] disutansu (oneshot, shounen-ai, InuKai)
Wordy reviews under the cut )

WIP Updates/Fic Links/Randomness:
Vertigo chapter 3: The Runaway by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D, au, future!fic)
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 9 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, SeiferXSquall, mentions of mpreg)
Next to NetGo 5/? by [ profile] issen4 (Hikago, AkiraXHikaru, Net!Hikaru)
An Exorcism, part 2 by [ profile] tarigwaemir (Hikago, gen)
Shine 3/? by [ profile] svz_insanity (Hikago, gen so far, AkiraXHikaru, WayaXIsumi, boyband!Hikago)
A Woman True and Fair Chapter 21: In which Howell becomes very nervous by [ profile] white_death (HMC, retelling from Howl's pov, HowlxSophie)
Teacher's Pet snippet by [ profile] seperis (SGA, gen so far, Rodney, John)
BAND Camp Part V: Qilin Smith part of the Ripples in the Space Between universe by [ profile] miriel (SGA, au, future!fic, MCShep and other pairings)
Deflection part 1 by [ profile] ltlj (SGA, gen, AU(?)) ganked from [ profile] seperis
SGA/Highlander snippet 1 and 2 by [ profile] pentapus (SGA/Highlander, crossover, Methos, SGA Crew)
This Post in [ profile] titti's journal about an Australian law that makes having a copy of undearage fiction illegal. This makes me sad for Human Rights everywhere
ETA Memoirs of a Go Player part 2 by [ profile] flonnebonne (Hikago, shounen-ai, cracklicious)


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