Dec. 4th, 2006

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So, [ profile] frozen_yoghurt told me that the current/next Studio Ghibli fim is going to be about the Chronicles of Earthsea. How cool is that? I wonder how they're going to adapt the books as they're a bit dark, but I have faith. The reason that I think it's taking so long to show up in the States has to do with Disney and their quest to find celebrity voice actors so they can flaunt the big name stars they're most definitely going to sign.

And in this Earthsea vein, I felt like reccing some Dark is Rising recs, because that series needs a movie adaption. Plus I'm avoiding my backlog of Hikago recs. *eeek*

Something Different by [ profile] cimmerians AKA Aristide (oneshot, Will/Bran, fluffy)
First Draft by [ profile] rhymer23 (ficlet, Merriam, gen)
Lost prince, Beloved son, New boy, and Chosen heir by [ profile] rhymer23 (drabbles, Bran, gen)
Falling by [ profile] rhymer23 (oneshot, Will/Bran, dark)

More detail under the cut )

WIP Update
Drop Dead Gorgeous chapter 1 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, H/D, post-war)
Quality of Mercy chapter 20 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, Harry, Draco, 7th year AU)
Draco's Boy chapter 23: Normalcy by empathic siren (HP, H/D, AU)
Nice Hair webcomic strip 83 by [ profile] tweezle (Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton webcomic)
Revenge of the Mommy, fourth in the Raising Madison series by [ profile] mrshamill (SGA, AU, McShep, kid!fic)
Good to Want parts 2 & 3 by [ profile] yin_again (SGA, McShep)
Fundamental Difference of Experience chapter 15: Charcoal by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, pre-X1, Bobby/St.John)
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 11 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, Seifer/Squall, AU)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 23: Blackest Melodrama by [ profile] white_death (HMC, Howl/Sophie)
Out of Tune chapter 10 by [ profile] lit_gal (BtVS, Spander)
Protection chapter 6 by [ profile] bagheera_san (SV, Clex, futurefic, kid!fic)

On the [ profile] shinra_lackey front I'm done editing Title Match and High for [ profile] hikago_djs, but I just want to wait until the weekend to post them. I have a ton of work coming up, so my quest to finish Beside You 3 in Emperors by the 14th will be a stretch. Oh well.


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