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I know that this post isn't full of yay and fanfic rec goodness, but I am seriously distressed with the direction that LJ is going in. I'm sure everyone in fandom has heard about Strikethrough'07 that happened in May, but I am worried about their even more heavy-handed behavior with suspensions and account deletions. [ profile] ponderosa121 and [ profile] elaboration have both been suspended on the 2nd and not allowed to post anymore to LJ because of "supposed" chan fanart they've done for [ profile] pornish_pixies depicting "minors" in sexual situations. This persecution coupled with LJ's plans to add a Report Abuse button means that anyone can and will be suspended based on LJ's whims.

So this freaks me the hell out. I run a bunch of doujinshi communities and I don't want them to be suspended and me kicked off of LJ/prosecuted, because LJ decides that certain doujinshi are obscene. I feel obligated to put up disclaimers in my comms, because I don't want anyone's account to be suspended. So how the hell will I word this? I don't know. I have to think about it. I'm going to spam the dj comms that I'm changing things around so that everyone has to agree that they're eighteen or older or leave and that the characters in the doujinshi are at least eighteen even in flashbacks. Stupid LJ. God this sucks. And this doesn't even cover the fact that just reading about all this will most likely mean I'm going to have to leave LJ soon.

I'm stalking a bunch of the info journals about this, [ profile] innocence_jihad, [ profile] fandom_flies, and the Greatest journal following this, fandomtossed.
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Things I've done so far today:
- Driven my father to the bus stop so he can fly to Florida (woke up at 4:40 AM)
- Converted the mpeg file of The Magical Princess Gigi to an .avi with AutoGK
- Uploaded the torrent of the movie to Boxtorrents in hopes that someone will cough up a fansub
- Uploaded a 350MB version of the movie in case any of my FL has some 80s nostalgia
- Watched His Dark Materials trailer from [ profile] tininess (Why can't you look this awesome, Dark is Rising! Why?!)

Things I'm currently doing:
- Seeding my torrent (300MB so far!)
- Eying the PS2 and contemplating playing FFXII after this
- Not reading Harry Potter
ETA: ZOMG! Added myself to [ profile] hikago_tribune! This is such a cool idea! And now I don't have to feel guilty about my humongous backlog of Hikago reading, because I can go get it in a nice convenient package! (Yay! Thanks for the link, [ profile] tininess! And very pretty layout)

Things I'm going to do later today:
- Convince my mother to stop napping so we can buy our luggage set to go on vacation
- Upload some doujinshi for [ profile] frozencitrus
- Watch volume 3 of Fruits Basket from Netflix
- Start downloading the Wizard of Earthsea movie from Box


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