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Birthdate:Dec 13
This journal serves three main functions:
1) Allows me to spam my friendslist with all of the squee! worthy fanfiction I've been reading.
2) Leave feedback to all the crazy/brilliant authors and people out there who make fandom a fun place to inhabit
3) and Maintain my communities for doujinshi worship and translation ^^

The reasons why I'm not up to date on fanfic reccing will be:
1) I'm working on scanning/editing/modding for one of my commnuities: [info]hikago_djs, [info]hxh_doujinshi, [info]deathnote_djs, [info]finalfantasy_dj, or [info]frozencitrus
2) I'm editing manga for the scanlation team I work with Doki Doki.
3) I'm reading fanfiction and have been sucked into a new fandom.
4) I'm doing school work...or finding creative ways of avoiding it.

Back to my regularly scheduled info:

Thanks to the wonderful folk who share their pretty icons and mood themes with the lj impaired otherwise my journal would be even sadder. Full kudos can be found here.

Friends policy: Thank you to everyone who has friended me so far. It makes my day to see that someone is getting some benefit out of my recs and hopefully giving the authors feedback. If I don't friend you back however, please don't take it personally as I use my friend list more as a place holder to fic journals I stalk than as a personal journal (that's not to say that I'm not stalking you anyways). So please don't be offended if I don't friend you, as I won't be offended if you defriend me. People and their interests change.

As an added bonus, I've decided to put up my yousendit links, since I might as well share the love, while I'm at it. Likewise if the link you want is expired or you just want a direct upload to something I have, leave a comment and I can most likely get a yousendit link to you within a day.

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