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Erm, just thought I'd get these WIP links up, so I have one less thing to do in order to get back to actually reccing things again.

WIP Update
All the Difference part 10/? by [ profile] xparrot (SV, Clark/Lex. futurefic, AU) which I totally blame [ profile] issen4 for pointing out
Brightly Burning Chapter 11: The Halcyon Days by [ profile] aishuu (Hikaru no Go, AU) Still need to read
Before Peace - Chapter 30 by [ profile] furiosity (HP, Harry/Draco, post-HBP) completed
Better Days part 6 by [ profile] murinae (Hikaru no Go, AU)
Wires series part 5: Severed by [ profile] tiggy_malvern (OUaTiM, El/Sands)
Vertigo chapter 8: Cock-tease by [ profile] jennavere (HP, Harry/Draco, AU, futurefic)
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 12 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, SeiferxSquall, AU)
Love's Tangled Web part 8a by [ profile] msgordo2 (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, AU)
Earth-Shattering part 3/? by [ profile] naiveprophet (X-Men, Rictor/Shatterstar, AU)
Quality of Mercy part 22 by [ profile] mistful (HP, Harry/Ginny, leanings towards Harry/Draco, post-HBP)
The Way We Get By 4/4 by [ profile] mistful (HP, leaning towards H/D, Draco/Katie), prequel to Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous part 5 by [ profile] mistful (HP, leaning towards H/D)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 24: Hot and Cold by [ profile] white_death (Howl's Moving Castle, Howl/Sophie)
I Wish I Was the Moon chapter 6: Mark My Words by [ profile] gafna (HP, H/D)
Chansons de la Mer part 6 by [ profile] tardis80 (SGA, fanart, McKay/Sheppard)
Weird As It Isn't last part of the Not So Imaginary 'verse by [ profile] very_rotten (SGA, AU, McKay/Sheppard) complete
Teenage DirtBag 33/? by [ profile] suki_blue (BtVS, AU, Spike/Xander)
Next to NetGo 19/19 by [ profile] issen4 (Hikaru no Go, AU, Akira/Hikaru) complete from a few months ago, need to leave feedback, oops

And a bit of warning that I'm going to convert this journal into a personal/fandom journal. I still want to do fanfic recs, but they're not my main focus anymore. If you're interested in just fics, please watch my account or friend my rec only community, [ profile] shinra_recs.
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