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So I'm stopping here, just so I have stuff to post. Oops. Oh, and Saturday is free-for-all day on [ profile] hikago_djs, so come one over!

(All You Do Is) Up and Go by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, marked Shindou/Touya, but can be read gen)
Green Tea Means Go by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, Shindou/Touya)
Circumstantial by [ profile] hebiserpens (oneshot, shounen-ai, slight Waya/Isumi, Shindou/Touya)
Drabble: Implied Hikaru/Akira by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, Hikaru/Akira)
Shindou/Touya for Lily~ by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, shounen-ai, Hikaru/Akira)
Smoke by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, shounen-ai, Kaga/Tsutsui)
The Devil You Know by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, shounen-ai, Kaga/Tsutsui)
On Top by [ profile] evil_skittles (oneshot, humor, shounen-ai, Touya/Shindou, some Isumi/Waya)
Wail by [ profile] katharos_8 (oneshot, ficlet, gen)

These reviews get shorter as I go along because I care. Really. *cringe* )

WIP Update or what [ profile] shinra_lackey has been doing instead of updating
So Real chapter 3 by [ profile] mizzmarvel (Teen Titans, Tim/Kon, AU)
Comrades in Arms by [ profile] laceymcbain (Justice League, Bruce/Wally, Tim/Bart as a side pairing) with the newest part added Moving Heaven and Earth for You (2/25/06)
Next to NetGo 13/? by [ profile] issen4 (Hikago, Akira/Hikaru, AU) Oh! New part out. I gotta comment.
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 10 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, SeiferxSquall)
Bandages chapter 13 by [ profile] konitsu (FFVII/FFVIII)
A Good Offense by JoIsBishMyoga, sequel to the Best Defense (HP/YYH)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 22: Pepper and Pitfalls by [ profile] white_death (HMC, HowlxSophie)
Vertigo chapter 6: Here Kitty, Kitty… by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Quality of Mercy 17 by Maya [ profile] mistful (HP, no pairing yet)

Things that [ profile] shinra_lackey is doing:
- editing a FMA dj for Doki Doki *stabs myself*
- working on various Hikago djs with [ profile] frozen_yoghurt
- working on my midterms *flails*
- downloading the Death Note anime off of Animesuki *squeee*
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This rec post is totally taking into account the fact that I am super lame and haven't gotten back to commenting or reading all the Hikago Day fics that were written. I promise to includes them in my next update, which *looks at recent trends* seems to be expected in June/July. ^^;; Oh, and one line summaries = love. *dies*

Rushes In 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 by Luce Red [ profile] issen4 (drabbles, complete, shounen-ai, Ko Yong-ha/Hon Su-yon)
Twenty Diversions by [ profile] assyrian (oneshot, meme, gen, Isumi)
Two by [ profile] nopejr (ficlet, shounen-ai, AkiraxHikaru)
Taboo by Ju [ profile] reality_is (oneshot, AU, shouen-ai, OgataxAshiwara)
November 6, 2005 by Ju [ profile] reality_is (oneshot, shouenen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
AkiHika 50 themes by [ profile] umeko_pyon (drabbles, ongoing, shounen-ai AkiraxHikaru)
Shogatsu by [ profile] umeko_pyon (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira,)
Others by [ profile] umeko_pyon (ficlet, gen, Sai)
Small Talk by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, shounen-ai)
Thermostat by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, yaoi, OgataxAshiwara)
Just Desserts by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, crossover, Hikaru no Go/Antique Baker, shounen-ai)
A Hangover You Deserve and its sequel Aftermath by [ profile] svz_insanity (complete, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
Train to Innoshima by [ profile] aishuu (drabble, gen)
Metaphor by [ profile] marksykins (oneshot, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
The Games of Wu by [ profile] marksykins (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira)
Bloodstone by K. Stonham aka K. Huntsman (complete, gen, Hikaru, Akira)
Metonymy (The Ragin' Meijin Remix) by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)

Wordy reviews under the cut )

WiP Updates
Snapshots from Bell Curve by [ profile] rageprufrock (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, AU) from the Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room universe
Deflection part 3 by [ profile] ltlj (SGA) completed
A Thousand and One Nights part 5 by [ profile] garryowen (SV, Clex, futurefic)
Akira no Go teaser by [ profile] flonnebonne (HnG, gen, AU)
Everything She Wants by [ profile] aishuu (HnG)
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So I have twenty six more fanfic recs for you all. I've almost cleaned out my "to be recced" folder for Hikago. I have maybe ten more or so. That's not taking into account, however, my back log in all the lj comms and archives I plan on going through. We'll see how that goes ^^

26 Hikaru no Go quick recs )
Sorry about my laziness as the post progresses. I get less and less detailed as I go along...

Next up is a meme that I got tagged with by [ profile] lady_addiction:
What is your username?
Write a little paragraph about your name, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.
What would you change your name to, if you were changing it? Why that?
What is your favorite username? Why?
Now, tag five other unfortunates whose usernames you would like to hear about.
Meme time! )
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Lol, being a Hikago nut, I have this insane urge to read practically everything I can find in the fandom. The only problem is that all the authors in the fandom are just so darn good. Therefore, I get way behind in my recommendations and reading. A lot of these are courtesy of [ profile] issen4 and [ profile] smut_ho, so if you've already seen most of these, sorry.

26 Hikaru no Go quick recs )

I post only one line summaries because I care. Really. *hides*
Also, I may have left some totally deserving authors out the recs this round, but it's only because I've reached my 26 rec goal. Sorry [ profile] svz_insanity. You're just too prolific a writer! I'll try to get another post out during Spring Break.
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Ok, to catch up with my Hikago backlog I'm doing quick recs, a summary and maybe a line or two expressing why I like the fic. Sorry that I can't do the authors justice with a more in depth review, but if I want to get any of them done, that's how it's going to have to be. Not anywhere near complete.

13 Fic Recs Under the Cut )

WiP Update
Brightly Burning 7/? by [ profile] aishuu (HnG, AU) OMG, why are you not reading this right now! Why am I not?!
Unfolding Fan 9/? (revised) by [ profile] issen4 (HnG, gen, futurefic)
19 (x19) Things That Never Happened, pt 6/19 by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, oneshots)
The Relative Value of Things, pt 3: Set by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, OgataXHikaru)
Somthing Wicked This Way Comes Part 10: Gardenia by [ profile] aishuu (DN, AU)
Nyctalopia part 3 sequel to Alter Egos by [ profile] aishuu (CCS, TouyaXYukito/Yue)
Talisman part of The Fundamental Difference of Experience arc by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, Bobby/St. John)
The Obligatory Draco is a Veela story part 5 by [ profile] mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric) f-locked
The Veela Enigma Chapter 31: Veela Rescue 202 by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Visiting Hours Outtake and Part 12 by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, Conner, Clex)
Lullaby 5 and Lullaby: Father's Day by [ profile] herohunter (SV, Clex)
Blood of Confusion chapter 2 by [ profile] yukitsu (HxH)
Waking Up 9/9 by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)


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