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So I went to go see Order of the Phoenix tonight with my family at the theater. You might even be able to recognize us if you were in the same theater. We were the annoying bunch in the top row making gagging noises and laughing at inappropriate spots during the entire movie. But before the movie even began, I had things to complain about.

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a very different sort of week by [ profile] stellabelle (oneshot, H/D) Funny and cute, this was just a delight to read. Did I mention hot? That too.
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I'm trying to get the back log of recommendations I have over the winter break out. So, instead of the longer reviews I usually do for fanfic recs, these are going to have to be short and sweet, most likely just author summaries or pairings.

Two Truths and a Lie by Rackham Rose (X/1999, SXS) Author's notes: Done for the CLAMPesque "1,999 words" challenge (without author's note, the fic is exactly that long, in my word processor). Dark. I read this last year and it's still as intense for having been read again.
A Simple Christmas Gift by Jennifer S. (Teen Titans) The Teen Titans are doing Secret Santa, and Kon has to think of a gift for Tim.
Caldwell Stories by [ profile] zen_of_punk (Ocean's 11, Rusty/Linus) Written for the Yultide 2004 Challenge.
Life's Aftermath and After All by [ profile] sabershadowkat (Smallville) Life goes on, even in the aftermath. Rated PG-13. Spoilers for Covenant. Found after she/he did a reposting of all her/his Smallville fics at SSA.
Vices by [ profile] mahaliem (Smallville) Lex is thwarted in trying to have a smoke.
Homemade by [ profile] kasugai_gummie (PoT, FujiRyo) Gift Fic: "You crack the egg Ryoma. Crack it. Crack... or smash it. Right, so while you're picking out those egg shell pieces, I'll mix your dry ingredients for you, okay?"
Physical Changes by [ profile] tenshi_no_korin (FMA) One shot, self-indulgent and extensively chemically metaphored answer to Joy's innocent question "Does Ed Wank?"
Fire With Fire by [ profile] cruisedirector (HP, SS/RL) Remus can tell when the Dark Mark is hurting Severus...he feels the same way before moonrise.
Ignorance Is by Vi (Smallville) NC-17 -- Clark and Lex of the future. Love doesn't mean bliss.
The List by [ profile] jabez_fics (HP, SS/RL) Packs a punch and so very well written. Details Severus and his role in the Order.
For Us to Miss or Seek by [ profile] dragon_light (HP, Ron/Draco) Ron and Draco learn that there is more to life than being a Scrooge. Written for Merry Smutmas Secret Santa.
by these truths by [ profile] nothingbutfic (HP, H/D) Draco Malfoy has always wanted to be remembered. READ


On a side note, I found this link to get a 2 week paid account reimbursement for the lj blackout from [ profile] cruisedirector's livejournal.
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Because I am a Snape whore, I will read almost almost any well written Snape fic regardless of pairing, even *gasp* het. So here's a mixed bag of Snape-centric fics to tide people over.

How to Kiss a Death Eater in 5 Easy Steps (humor, one-shot, SS/RL with very vague SS/HP reference) by Snaples
Photo Perfect by Predatrix (SS/Gilderoy Lockhart, complete, NC-17)
The Conspiracy of Silence series by [ profile] nomadicwriter (complete, seven parts)
A Day in the Life of Severus Snape by Madam Otaku (one-shot, humor, gen)

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The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyoga (x-over, ETA completed) The best out of all of Harry Potter and Yuu Yuu Hakusho crossovers on What makes me like this fanfic more than the others is three fold. (1)It actually takes into account the fact that the Urameshi team consists of four people, Yuusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and KUWABARA, not just the first three or just Kurama. They're a team, and the team dynamics work well in this fic. (2)The setup is believable. (3)The interaction between the YYH world and the HP world is really well done.

Edited to add: Ack, I forgot my weekly mini-rant. As for all works in progress, please leave feedback to the authors on what you think about their fics. They want to know how their readers see their writing, so please feed them and maybe they'll write more. ^_^ Ditto with completed works.


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