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So I went to go see Order of the Phoenix tonight with my family at the theater. You might even be able to recognize us if you were in the same theater. We were the annoying bunch in the top row making gagging noises and laughing at inappropriate spots during the entire movie. But before the movie even began, I had things to complain about.

During the previews, I got my first glimpse of the Dark is Rising trailer. This was the first time that I had ever heard that there was going to be a movie adaption and the trailer was bundled with the rest of the previews for HP. I was going to link to the trailer, but after doing a Google search, I couldn't find it, so that's out the window. However, from what I can gleam from what I saw and what I'm getting from, I don't think I'll be happy with what Fox is doing. Firstly, it seems like Will Stanton is from California based on the Santa Cruz sweatshirt he's wearing and his lack of a British accent (grrrr!). Secondly, the actor for Merriam just isn't what I was envisioning for the character. For some reason I was picturing someone more distinguished and older looking, maybe Sir Ian McKellen. Thirdly, just from listening to a few lines of the dialog, it seems like the movie is going to go on tangents about problems Will's going to have as a normal teenager that aren't addressed in the books. Will is not normal! That's why I like the books to begin with. Will has always been different. He's always been an Old One, not a normal boy thrust into the role, idiots!

Back to HP, I have to say that this film was kind of cheesy and a little too much Empire Strikes Back . Take for example the scene with Cho. Fine, Harry, go ahead and kiss her, but do we really need the mistletoe? We get all the awkwardness already without adding cheese. That whole scene with Voldemort talking to Harry and goading him to kill Bellatrix, it just screamed, "Luke, don't go over to the dark side!" And when Harry was doing his wordless screaming thing, I wanted to intone, "Luke, I am your father..."

Ah well, we'll see how the DVD turns out. wonder what they left out for the special features.

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