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Oct. 31st, 2007 02:07 pm
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Hmmm, I don't think I mentioned this to anyone except [ profile] tininess, but my computer had to be wiped two weeks ago. I think I had accidentally deleted something from my registry or got a virus that deleted something, since I couldn't start my computer past the welcome screen. I wiped my laptop and reinstalled Windows, thereby getting a pristine piece of machinery. My losses weren't too tragic: the most recent files on stuff I was editing, my bookmarks, and some video files, and my copy of Photoshop Elements and regular Photoshop. A lot of it was backed up on the the basement computer as I like to clean my laptop every few months. Oh well, at least I don't have to think about all the stuff I had in my to-be-recced bookmarks folder.

So, onto the actual rec portion of this post. )

WIP Updates
Knicky Knock Nine Doors: Refer to Self part of the Knicky Knock series by [ profile] toomuchplor (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, kid!fic)
SGA/Traders XO part 14 continues after Voyage par Mer by [ profile] jimandblair (SGA/Traders, John, Rodney, Grant)
Owned part 25 by [ profile] jordangrant (HP, H/D)
Clichéd: Once More, With Feeling 2/16 by [ profile] not_the_whip (Psych, Shawn/Lassiter)
I Know You Know (A Love Song)chapter 2B by [ profile] auntie_climatic (Psych, AU, Shawn/Lassiter)
Coincidental Confluence sequel to Accidental Admissions by [ profile] regann (Psych, Shawn/Lassiter)
Right Place, Wrong Time part 18 by [ profile] regann (Psych, AU, Shawn/Lassiter)
That Cannot Be Perceived chapter 5: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by [ profile] xparrot (Psych, gen)
All the Difference part 10 by [ profile] xparrot (Smallville/DCU, Clark/Lex)
A Hierarchy of Needs chapter 41 by Juliabohemian (HouseMD, House, Wilson)
Strangulation chapter 27: Elation by Juliabohemian (HouseMd, House/Wilson)

On a totally unrelated note, they're having a fun discussion on fandom_wank regarding the validity of being both a Red Sox and Yankees fan, and this thread by [ profile] herongale popped up regarding the Patriots' winning streak. Oh, it is full of win and makes my rooting for the Patriots seem ten times more awesome.
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So, [ profile] frozen_yoghurt told me that the current/next Studio Ghibli fim is going to be about the Chronicles of Earthsea. How cool is that? I wonder how they're going to adapt the books as they're a bit dark, but I have faith. The reason that I think it's taking so long to show up in the States has to do with Disney and their quest to find celebrity voice actors so they can flaunt the big name stars they're most definitely going to sign.

And in this Earthsea vein, I felt like reccing some Dark is Rising recs, because that series needs a movie adaption. Plus I'm avoiding my backlog of Hikago recs. *eeek*

Something Different by [ profile] cimmerians AKA Aristide (oneshot, Will/Bran, fluffy)
First Draft by [ profile] rhymer23 (ficlet, Merriam, gen)
Lost prince, Beloved son, New boy, and Chosen heir by [ profile] rhymer23 (drabbles, Bran, gen)
Falling by [ profile] rhymer23 (oneshot, Will/Bran, dark)

More detail under the cut )

WIP Update
Drop Dead Gorgeous chapter 1 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, H/D, post-war)
Quality of Mercy chapter 20 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, Harry, Draco, 7th year AU)
Draco's Boy chapter 23: Normalcy by empathic siren (HP, H/D, AU)
Nice Hair webcomic strip 83 by [ profile] tweezle (Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton webcomic)
Revenge of the Mommy, fourth in the Raising Madison series by [ profile] mrshamill (SGA, AU, McShep, kid!fic)
Good to Want parts 2 & 3 by [ profile] yin_again (SGA, McShep)
Fundamental Difference of Experience chapter 15: Charcoal by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, pre-X1, Bobby/St.John)
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 11 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, Seifer/Squall, AU)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 23: Blackest Melodrama by [ profile] white_death (HMC, Howl/Sophie)
Out of Tune chapter 10 by [ profile] lit_gal (BtVS, Spander)
Protection chapter 6 by [ profile] bagheera_san (SV, Clex, futurefic, kid!fic)

On the [ profile] shinra_lackey front I'm done editing Title Match and High for [ profile] hikago_djs, but I just want to wait until the weekend to post them. I have a ton of work coming up, so my quest to finish Beside You 3 in Emperors by the 14th will be a stretch. Oh well.
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Ok, this is a fairly silly post, so feel free to ignore at will. I just wanted to pimp out the community [ profile] mac_hearts_pc, which is a community for the characters Mac and PC, the two guys in the Mac commercials which you can watch here. What I love about these ads is that besides being funny, Apple is not bashing personal computers so much as showing the differences between the two platforms. For the pairing, however, I just love the fluff as both Mac and PC try to live together. Mac is the hip creative kid, and PC the reliable woobie.

And here is a list of some Mac/PC ficlets to whet your appetites. There's a whole bunch more at the community, so I definitely recommend looking up the rest.

Trimming Down by [ profile] srichard
Upgrade by [ profile] speccygeekgrrl
Tailor Made by [ profile] im_a_pc
Procrastination by [ profile] foureyedsnail
Walk with me by [ profile] amaya_kumiko
That's What You Get by [ profile] im_a_mac

WIP Update
Next to NetGo 14/? by [ profile] issen4 (HnG, Akira/Hikaru) Oh, look! Update!!!
Fallen by [ profile] kristiinthedark (SV, Clark/Lex, au, priest!Lex)
Ways and Means chapter 6 by [ profile] yin_again (SGA, John/Rodney)
Fundamental Differences in Experience 14: Walking through Walls by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men Movieverse, Bobby/St.John)
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So I'm stopping here, just so I have stuff to post. Oops. Oh, and Saturday is free-for-all day on [ profile] hikago_djs, so come one over!

(All You Do Is) Up and Go by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, marked Shindou/Touya, but can be read gen)
Green Tea Means Go by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, Shindou/Touya)
Circumstantial by [ profile] hebiserpens (oneshot, shounen-ai, slight Waya/Isumi, Shindou/Touya)
Drabble: Implied Hikaru/Akira by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, Hikaru/Akira)
Shindou/Touya for Lily~ by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, shounen-ai, Hikaru/Akira)
Smoke by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, ficlet, shounen-ai, Kaga/Tsutsui)
The Devil You Know by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, shounen-ai, Kaga/Tsutsui)
On Top by [ profile] evil_skittles (oneshot, humor, shounen-ai, Touya/Shindou, some Isumi/Waya)
Wail by [ profile] katharos_8 (oneshot, ficlet, gen)

These reviews get shorter as I go along because I care. Really. *cringe* )

WIP Update or what [ profile] shinra_lackey has been doing instead of updating
So Real chapter 3 by [ profile] mizzmarvel (Teen Titans, Tim/Kon, AU)
Comrades in Arms by [ profile] laceymcbain (Justice League, Bruce/Wally, Tim/Bart as a side pairing) with the newest part added Moving Heaven and Earth for You (2/25/06)
Next to NetGo 13/? by [ profile] issen4 (Hikago, Akira/Hikaru, AU) Oh! New part out. I gotta comment.
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 10 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, SeiferxSquall)
Bandages chapter 13 by [ profile] konitsu (FFVII/FFVIII)
A Good Offense by JoIsBishMyoga, sequel to the Best Defense (HP/YYH)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 22: Pepper and Pitfalls by [ profile] white_death (HMC, HowlxSophie)
Vertigo chapter 6: Here Kitty, Kitty… by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Quality of Mercy 17 by Maya [ profile] mistful (HP, no pairing yet)

Things that [ profile] shinra_lackey is doing:
- editing a FMA dj for Doki Doki *stabs myself*
- working on various Hikago djs with [ profile] frozen_yoghurt
- working on my midterms *flails*
- downloading the Death Note anime off of Animesuki *squeee*
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Howl's Moving Castle is a book written by Diana Wynne Jones and later adapted by Hayao Miyazaki as a an animated feature length movie. While the two have similar storylines, there are marked differences between the two, so please note if I remark if my recs are bookverse or movieverse. Thanks.

Oops, and I'm a Howl/Sophie fangirl, so please note, that means my recs will mostly be het.

In which many loose ends are gathered together by [ profile] musewhipped (oneshot, post-book, Howl/Sophie)
Megan by Min Farshaw (series, complete, post-book, Howl/Sophie)
The Seventh Son, Wicked Lady, and Dark Lord by [ profile] rhymer23 (oneshots, complete, post-book, gen, Howl/Sophie)
Morning Glory by [ profile] scornedsaint (oneshot, Howl/Sophie, fluff)
Happily Ever After Takes Some Time by [ profile] scornedsaint (oneshot, Howl/Sophie, fluff)
A Woman True and Fair by The S ([ profile] white_death (series, WIP, Howl/Sophie, bookverse)
Wordiness starts here )

WIP Updates
Out of Bounds part 14 by [ profile] icarusancalion (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, AU, skating)
Curve Ball, part of the Bell Curve universe by [ profile] rageprufrock (SGA McKay/Sheppard)
The Best things in Life Are Free 7a by [ profile] smittywing (SGA, McKay/Sheppard)
Bandages chapter 12: Aaaand Cloud's Bugfuck by [ profile] konitsu (FFVII/FFVIII)
Next to NetGo 7/? by Luce Red [ profile] issen4 (Hikaru no Go, AU, Shindou/Touya)
Experiment, part of the [ profile] familiar_series by [ profile] muffins_of_god & [ profile] hime1999 (FMA, AU)
Feather Flight chapter 33: Finis by [ profile] eramundo (FFIX, AU, Kuja) complete
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This rec post is totally taking into account the fact that I am super lame and haven't gotten back to commenting or reading all the Hikago Day fics that were written. I promise to includes them in my next update, which *looks at recent trends* seems to be expected in June/July. ^^;; Oh, and one line summaries = love. *dies*

Rushes In 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 by Luce Red [ profile] issen4 (drabbles, complete, shounen-ai, Ko Yong-ha/Hon Su-yon)
Twenty Diversions by [ profile] assyrian (oneshot, meme, gen, Isumi)
Two by [ profile] nopejr (ficlet, shounen-ai, AkiraxHikaru)
Taboo by Ju [ profile] reality_is (oneshot, AU, shouen-ai, OgataxAshiwara)
November 6, 2005 by Ju [ profile] reality_is (oneshot, shouenen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
AkiHika 50 themes by [ profile] umeko_pyon (drabbles, ongoing, shounen-ai AkiraxHikaru)
Shogatsu by [ profile] umeko_pyon (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira,)
Others by [ profile] umeko_pyon (ficlet, gen, Sai)
Small Talk by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, shounen-ai)
Thermostat by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, yaoi, OgataxAshiwara)
Just Desserts by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, crossover, Hikaru no Go/Antique Baker, shounen-ai)
A Hangover You Deserve and its sequel Aftermath by [ profile] svz_insanity (complete, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
Train to Innoshima by [ profile] aishuu (drabble, gen)
Metaphor by [ profile] marksykins (oneshot, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)
The Games of Wu by [ profile] marksykins (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira)
Bloodstone by K. Stonham aka K. Huntsman (complete, gen, Hikaru, Akira)
Metonymy (The Ragin' Meijin Remix) by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, shounen-ai, Hikaru, Akira)

Wordy reviews under the cut )

WiP Updates
Snapshots from Bell Curve by [ profile] rageprufrock (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, AU) from the Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room universe
Deflection part 3 by [ profile] ltlj (SGA) completed
A Thousand and One Nights part 5 by [ profile] garryowen (SV, Clex, futurefic)
Akira no Go teaser by [ profile] flonnebonne (HnG, gen, AU)
Everything She Wants by [ profile] aishuu (HnG)
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So I have twenty six more fanfic recs for you all. I've almost cleaned out my "to be recced" folder for Hikago. I have maybe ten more or so. That's not taking into account, however, my back log in all the lj comms and archives I plan on going through. We'll see how that goes ^^

26 Hikaru no Go quick recs )
Sorry about my laziness as the post progresses. I get less and less detailed as I go along...

Next up is a meme that I got tagged with by [ profile] lady_addiction:
What is your username?
Write a little paragraph about your name, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.
What would you change your name to, if you were changing it? Why that?
What is your favorite username? Why?
Now, tag five other unfortunates whose usernames you would like to hear about.
Meme time! )
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Ok, these are a little out there in the reading material, but I really enjoy both comics. I'm all ready for slash anywhere, so maybe you'll give these a whirl too.

Good-bye, Eileen and its sequel Fox-Appropriate by Matthew Haldeman-Time (complete, slash, Jason/Marcus) Andy, Jason's mother is worried about Jason having never had a girlfriend and tries to steer him in the direction of his only female friend, Eileen. Things don't turn out how Andy would have liked and Jason realizes that he rather date his best-friend Marcus. One of the reasons that I love Foxtrot, is that Jason is such a nerd, but he revels in it. Here, the author gives us something unique, a logical conclusion to what someone as demented and out there as Jason would do when confronted by societal norms to get a girlfriend. The only person who could put up with Jason is someone just as odd, and Marcus is so cute in the role. While fannish in parts, this is also a fun read.

Geniuses and Geniuses drabbles by [ profile] maderr (crossover, complete, Calvin&Hobbes/Foxtrot, Jason/Calvin) Jason and Calvin meet in University when some football players are bullying Calvin. While I initially read this for Jason, I have to say that Calvin stole my heart. He's such a great character when [ profile] maderr writes him. He's artistic and sensitive to what the outside world is like, more jaded than you see in the comics. Jason on the other hand is a grown up version of himself, a computer nerd, but somone who can appreciate the fantastic that surrounds Calvin. I really liked this story and the snippets of them in the drabbles.
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Ok, I've been putting off and putting off updating my rec journal because of all the backlog I have. Therefore any and all incoming recs for the next month are gonna be be pretty random. Gomen ^^

Today's topic will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, focus on Spander fics, since they're my OTP. Most of these won't be new to the die-hard fans of the fandom, so sorry for that.

Nessuno by [ profile] riani1 (complete, Spander, AU)
Through the Looking Glass by [ profile] kimberly_a (series, complete, slash, Spander, post-series)
S2!AR by [ profile] reremouse (series, complete, slash, Spander, post-series)
Wilderness by [ profile] reremouse (series, complete, Spander, post-series)
Xanpet by Seige (series, WIP, slash, BDSM, Spander, post-series)
Dogs of War by [ profile] tabaqui (complete, Spander, AU)
Credence by [ profile] tabaqui (series, WIP, Spander, some Xander/Oz, AU)
Details under the Cut )

WIP Updates will be posted when I have them a little more organized.
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Ok, to catch up with my Hikago backlog I'm doing quick recs, a summary and maybe a line or two expressing why I like the fic. Sorry that I can't do the authors justice with a more in depth review, but if I want to get any of them done, that's how it's going to have to be. Not anywhere near complete.

13 Fic Recs Under the Cut )

WiP Update
Brightly Burning 7/? by [ profile] aishuu (HnG, AU) OMG, why are you not reading this right now! Why am I not?!
Unfolding Fan 9/? (revised) by [ profile] issen4 (HnG, gen, futurefic)
19 (x19) Things That Never Happened, pt 6/19 by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, oneshots)
The Relative Value of Things, pt 3: Set by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, OgataXHikaru)
Somthing Wicked This Way Comes Part 10: Gardenia by [ profile] aishuu (DN, AU)
Nyctalopia part 3 sequel to Alter Egos by [ profile] aishuu (CCS, TouyaXYukito/Yue)
Talisman part of The Fundamental Difference of Experience arc by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, Bobby/St. John)
The Obligatory Draco is a Veela story part 5 by [ profile] mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric) f-locked
The Veela Enigma Chapter 31: Veela Rescue 202 by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Visiting Hours Outtake and Part 12 by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, Conner, Clex)
Lullaby 5 and Lullaby: Father's Day by [ profile] herohunter (SV, Clex)
Blood of Confusion chapter 2 by [ profile] yukitsu (HxH)
Waking Up 9/9 by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
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Okay, this is where everyone is allowed to go eew, and wonder why I'm reading, let alone recommending some of the things that I do. Yep, this is where I unveil the Finding Nemo slash! If you were a member of the HP fandom in 2003, you probably already heard about these two fic by cimorene and Amanunensis, but if not, please give the idea a chance before you go running for the hills.

An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie by [ profile] amanuensis1 (oneshot, Nemo/Gill) Nemo and Gill have a chat after Nemo fails to lodge the pebble into the filter on the first try. Told from Nemo's point of view, I really like how [ profile] amanuensis1 gets into Nemo's head and shares with us hus frustration and his fear about his upcoming gifting to the Dentist's niece. For Nemo, his failure is both a death sentence and a reaffirmation of his handicap. He goes to Gill for comfort. Wonderful writing, the author rerally has her Disney characters down, and I loved Gill's conflict.

what it feels like by [ profile] cimorene111 (oneshot, slash for underage!fish sex) Inspired by An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie, this fic takes place post-movie. Gill and company have finally gotten out of the tank and have caught up with Nemo and his family at the Reef. My favorite of the two, cimorene does a great job with the storytelling, conveying how Nemo has changed from the fish he used to be brilliantly. cimorene also does what very few authors can do well, conveyed fish!sex. It doesn't even squick me that much, it's more cute than anything sorid. Another definite recommendation.

WiP Update
Grey part 22 by treneka (HnG, beware the het!Hikaru and Touya *gasp*)
Waking Up 8/9 by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
Morning, part 3 of the wonder!verse by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 21/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, X/S)
Brothers. Part 2, chapter 3 by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (FMA, post-series, EdxHeiderich)
Lullaby 4 by [ profile] herohunter (SV, clex, futurefic)
The Obligatory 'Draco is a Veela' story part 4 by [ profile] mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric, comedy) friends-locked
Moving Forward part 9 and Moving Forward part 10 & epilogue by [ profile] trinityhelix (PoT, InuixKai, InuixYanagi) complete! Now you have no excuse
myDec 06 scrap by [ profile] lazulisong (DNAngel, incomplete)
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You know what annoys the hell out of me? When authors publically announce that they don't want fanwork created about their series. Then fans who would otherwise write amazing fanfiction feel obligated not to or go so far underground that other fans can't find it. I don't even mind that Robin Hobbs feels that way, the situation just annoys me. There should be a Fitz/Fool fandom! Raarr.

Well, anyways, Abaddon, [ profile] nothingbutfic wrote a brilliant Fitz/Fool interlude, the promise of happiness set in Fool's Fate that really gets both of the characters down pat. The dialog is also great, getting the writing to match very well with Hobb's.

Sidenote: Wohoo! I have members for [ profile] hikago_djs! Now all I have to do is type up those guidelines I wanted.
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If I'm lucky there's going to be two updates coming up. This one for The Dark is Rising and the next for Fullmetal Alchemist. That way all the anime enthusiasts can have something to look at.

So my pairing of choice for the The Dark is Rising is Will/Bran with the ocassional gen fic thown in there for good measure. DiR is a five book series written by the extremely talented Susan Cooper and comprises Under Sea, Over Stone, The Dark is Rising, The Greenwitch, The Grey King, and Silver on the Tree. I first read the series when I was in fifth grade, so they're light reading and you could plow through them in 2-3 days if you're feeling ambitious.

The main character, Will Stanton, is the last of the Old Ones, charged with five others to defeat the Dark from gaining power in the mortal world. Will, along with his mentor Merriam, the Drew children, and Bran Davies compromise the forces of the Light who are the only ones who can combat the Dark. The setting is modern day Europe and mixes in beuatifully Arthurian legend and folklore as well as Welsh myth.

And since I'm too lazy and not articulate enough, I'm going to point you all to [ profile] ninkasa's excellent Will/Bran essay, Wonderful Journey, written for [ profile] ship_manifesto.

Harmony, Faith and Up in Smoke by [ profile] aishuu (drabbles, gen)
Protection by [ profile] sheldrake (oneshot, gen, slight Will/Bran)
Christmas Wishes by [ profile] the_reader (oneshot, Will/Bran)
To Remember For Always by [ profile] genarti (oneshot, Will/Bran)
Longer reviews under here )

Fanart Rec
The Raven Boy by [ profile] adamasoda A lovely older!Bran drawing, the rest of [ profile] adamasoda's artwork is hosted at Celestial Soda Pop

And I promise to add to these recs soon, I just need to reimerse myself in the fandom.

Fanfic Links/WiP Update
The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange: Four by [ profile] herongale (FMA, ScarxEd) you have to go read this. guh.
Brothers, part 2, chapter 1 continued by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (Edxalter!Alphonse) *spoilers*
Before the Fall by [ profile] ponderosa121 (FF VI, Kefka/Edgar) brilliant creepy!Kefka. loved it.
Why part 2/? by [ profile] svz_insanity (HnG)
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken chapter 13 by [ profile] kye_kestrel (HxH, KuroroxKurapika)
Wishful Thinking: Attempt #1 by [ profile] ysabet (DNAngel/XXXHolic)
Reprise 1/3 by [ profile] aishuu (PoT, Ryoma) spin-off of Thirty, the sequel to Dross
We All Fall Down part 5 by [ profile] rosesmove (SV)
Snupin Challenges Continued by [ profile] demon_of_rice (HP, Snape/Lupin)
sic transit gloria mundi Letter Twenty-Six by [ profile] _furorbelli_ and [ profile] decerto (HP)
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Sigh. My recs are getting slowly, but surely up to date.

April 2005 Word A Day Drabbles: Death Note [Light, L] by [ profile] kleos_fic (oneshot, Light, L, crack) Light's plan to kill L backfires. Funny stuff. The author has so many funny one liners and just out there situations. A must read.

Legalism by [ profile] sub_divided (oneshot, Light) Aizawa and Matsuda ask Light about his opinion on a jury system. It's smart and intelligent and what I love about this fic is that [ profile] sub_divided can illustrate beautifully Light's blind spots about himself.

[ profile] deathnote100 Read all the drabbles at the community. They're great and thought provoking.
Mythology for the mythology challenge by [ profile] firedraygon97
Childhood for the childhood challenge by [ profile] firedraygon97
The Seer of Truth for the mythology challenge by [ profile] shukuun
Their Favourite Pastime for the favorites challenge by [ profile] okobi
Picking Favorites for the favorites challenge by [ profile] julysixth

Art Recs
Koyar's Death Note Fancomics by [ profile] koyar originally recced by [ profile] aelice Hilarious stuff with nice artwork.
summer by [ profile] impishimp cute piece with a half naked L.
Death Note art dump by [ profile] hooli Multiple sketches. Lovely stuff.
Death Note X South Park: UPDATED by [ profile] cooked_sashimi Death Note sprites, South Park style. So cute.

Sorry about the long post, and the next one will have the wip updates.
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So I've finally finished my Spirited Away Overview retelling, damn it, I tried, but it just grew, so as my own personal reward, I get to inflict my flist with my extremely geeky ST:TNG love.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was the first spin-off of Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series that aired in the 60s. With a whole new setting, one hundred years in the future, the new crew of the Enterprise is charged once again to explore new worlds and civilizations. For those of you unfamiliar with its seven year run or just want an overview, [ profile] perclexed did a fantastic one over at [ profile] crack_van

Now onto the nitty-gritty, my *rabu rabu* Picard/Q love.
Cut for my long winded comments/links )

WiP Update
The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyoga (YYH/HP)
Feather Flight: Smiling the Way You Used To (part 30) by Lunar [ profile] eramundo (FF IX) yay, updated so quickly!
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. Spike/Xander 12/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, S/X) previous parts here
Grey part 20 by treneka (Hikago)
Metropolis!Clark part 6 by [ profile] shattered (SV)

HxH quiz ganked from [ profile] lady_addiction
Results )
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Okay, I lied. More anime recs, because I have a bazillion of them, and I'm sure the anime readers on my flist don't want me to recommend Picard/Q, because that's what I was thinking of doing for today.

SatDai 30 Kisses - 30 Drabbles by [ profile] lazulisong (series of drabbles, complete)
satoshiPod coverlet thingit by [ profile] calintz (fanart, gen, Satoshi)
Inconcise scanlation of Volume 09 by [ profile] maboroshi_hime (scans/summary)
Longer reviews under here )

Fanfic/Fanart Links
Verisimilitude: IX by Uneasy Moon, [ profile] shukiai, and [ profile] sockren (FMA)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron & Flame game by Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) actually quite fun to play
Sora x Sunao - 03 jolt for [ profile] 30_kisses by [ profile] oyamadayoh (fanart, Sukisho)
Lady, That Tramp, The First by [ profile] arielleira (SV, Clex)

Everyone should also check out [ profile] try_this_fic and sign up to rec for April or May, since [ profile] crack_van is on hiatus. Look out for my Spirited Away overview and recs in the next day or so.
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Some random Spike/Xander links from when Green was a big, fat Buffy whore. Yep, and I'm revisiting, so that's where I'll be when I'm not stalking my usual anime communities.

Here's a link to the [ profile] crack_van's BtVS overview. It's not 100% correct, but I'm not one to talk. I stopped watching shortly after the series split from just Buffy to BtVS and Angel the Series.

S/X (or Spander) Fic Archives and Recommendation Sites
Hidden Desires, Midnight Kisses not updated since September 2004
Moist & Delicious fic archive of the nummytreats list, whose entries you can find here or here if you're not a member.
S/X and Violence home of fanfic recs and reviews, a canon vs. fanon section, and essays about Spike, Xander, and the goal of getting them naked together
[ profile] sxandviolence a currently active livejournal where authors post their S/X stories
[ profile] fall_for_sx a lj community that devoted the fall of 2004 to S/X, currently checking it out
[ profile] bloodclaim another active S/X community, checking it out
[ profile] the_magic_box_ a BtVS and AtS Rec Community
The Spander Inquisition Master List home of the fics produced for the Spander Inquisition challenge, currently checking out
Eternally Yours S/X fanfic archive
Shadows & Dust a BtVS and Angel fanfic archive, all pairings, but a large S/X section

Author Links (these are random and definitely not everyone)
Subtle Salvation [ profile] ladycat777's archive of work
Nothing Like the Sun [ profile] kimberly_a's home for her S/X fanfics including the jump!verse and its sequel, also has a nice recs page here.
Anna's stories by [ profile] eliade, author of Sidelines and Subtleties

I'm currently rereading:
The Quantum Xander and its sequel, The Quantum Xander II by [ profile] jameschick nice, long read, but the second part gets fairly sappy

Fic Updates and random links
The Veela Enigma chapter 27 by [ profile] jennavere (HP)
Through the Looking glass part 4/? by [ profile] kimberly_a (BtVS)
Changeling Child by [ profile] katharos_8 (ShinjixKaworu, NGEvangelion) written for [ profile] 30_kisses
Her Wishes by [ profile] appalling_fool (ChihiroxHaku, Spirited Away) written for [ profile] 30_kisses

Merupuri ranting and ravings )
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A Death Note themed rec in honor of [ profile] go_devil_dante's spoiler animation. Back at school and not bombarded by midterms, so expect a bunch of updates for however long I feel guilty for not being productive. ^_^

Have Some Cake With Your Sex: by [ profile] memlu (oneshot, humor, RaitoxL)
Raito Birthday fic: Best Present He's Got Yet by [ profile] mousapelli (oneshot, humor, yaoi, RaitoxL)
Longer reviews under here )

And because I don't want to spoil the drabbles (read lazy), here are my [ profile] deathnote100 recs:
Photophobia by [ profile] aishuu (Phobias challenge)
Imitable Acts by [ profile] biztheinsane (non-challenge entry)
Ask Ms. manners by [ profile] biztheinsane (Childhood challenge)
Princess by [ profile] stolenkisses_ (Childhood challenge)
Little Drops of Blood by [ profile] memlu (Childhood challenge)
Dust to Dust by [ profile] lynnbartlett (Now What? challenge) spoilers!

Pics and Animations:
spoiler animation by [ profile] go_devil_dante
L and Raitoz romantic nite by [ profile] go_devil_dante and monkeyjay. omg, so wrong, but you need to check it out, if you haven't already
Black Wings by [ profile] scarecrowe

Drabbles: Challenge #1-12 compiled by [ profile] satora_chan
Drabbles: Challenge #13-24 compiled by [ profile] satora_chan
Fanfiction on [ profile] death_note compiled by [ profile] satora_chan woot!

WiP Update:
My December 5 by [ profile] lazulisong (DNAngel) Part of it anyways
Finding Sai 6/? by [ profile] issen4 (HnG)
sic transit gloria mundi Letter 9 by [ profile] nothingbutfic and [ profile] decerto (HP)
Endless Moments 4 by [ profile] maboroshi_hime (FMA/HP)

Random Meme I ganked off of [ profile] sockren:
Screen-Capture Meme )
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I'm sorry everyone, but I'm currently at home and away from my computer with all my links, so some more CLAMP recommendations only. Partly in response to [ profile] vamp_pandorina who reminded me that I signed up for [ profile] try_this_fic and partly because these were the easiest links to find, here are your recs.

Magician by Natalie Baan [ profile] velvetpaws (X/CCD, multi-part, complete, gen)
Broken Worlds by Natalie Baan [ profile] velvetpaws and Kristin Huntsman (X/TB, multi-part, complete, gen, ambiguous shounen-ai)
Inner Strength by Monica Shin (TB/X crossover w/ Highlander, gen, slight SxS, complete)

Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
The Veela Enigam chapter 26 by [ profile] jennavere (HP) woot! At it's new home at
Constellation 2:10 by [ profile] rose_emily (SV) friends-locked
President of the Warrior Angel Fan Club by [ profile] mobiusklein (SV) complete
Moving Forward part 7 by [ profile] trinityhelix (PoT, InuiKai)
New Hikago fics by [ profile] issen4 Goban and Teaching Go
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Some more CLAMP recs to help me out with my month at [ profile] try_this_fic. Go check it out!

CLAMP Campus Detectives - Fluff! by Krisitn Huntsman (oneshot, humor)
Sweets and Liquors by Monica Shin (CCD/X, oneshot, shounen-ai, slight NokoruxSubaru)
Four drabbles for the [ profile] x_100 Love challenge by [ profile] crazylittleme (drabbles, X)
Immortal, Life, Peace, and Hope by [ profile] link621 (drabbles, X)
somebody loves you and take a picture-- it'll last longer by [ profile] link621 (drabbles, X)
Caught Off Guard by [ profile] second_remix (X, oneshot, shounen-ai, SxS)
The Language of Fans by [ profile] aishuu (CCD/X, oneshot, gen)
The Sakuranikomori by Evil Asian Genius [ profile] eag (TB/X, oneshot, humor)
Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
Visiting Hours 5/? by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV)
Constellation 2:9 by [ profile] rose_emily (SV) friends-locked
Moving Forward part 5 by [ profile] trinityhelix (PoT, InuiKai)
Contemplations: Brightly Burning cookie (post chapter 5) by [ profile] lady_addiction (HnG)

And why yes, that is slut!Kanoe in my icon. Isn't she beautiful?


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