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So, [ profile] frozen_yoghurt told me that the current/next Studio Ghibli fim is going to be about the Chronicles of Earthsea. How cool is that? I wonder how they're going to adapt the books as they're a bit dark, but I have faith. The reason that I think it's taking so long to show up in the States has to do with Disney and their quest to find celebrity voice actors so they can flaunt the big name stars they're most definitely going to sign.

And in this Earthsea vein, I felt like reccing some Dark is Rising recs, because that series needs a movie adaption. Plus I'm avoiding my backlog of Hikago recs. *eeek*

Something Different by [ profile] cimmerians AKA Aristide (oneshot, Will/Bran, fluffy)
First Draft by [ profile] rhymer23 (ficlet, Merriam, gen)
Lost prince, Beloved son, New boy, and Chosen heir by [ profile] rhymer23 (drabbles, Bran, gen)
Falling by [ profile] rhymer23 (oneshot, Will/Bran, dark)

Something Different by [ profile] cimmerians AKA Aristide (oneshot, Will/Bran, fluffy) Takes place when the boys are older, teenagers, and years after the events of "Silver on the Tree," Will has been avoiding going back to Wales after everyone forgets the War against the Dark until circumstances compel him to return. Yes, it's schmoopy, but well written schmoop by one of my favorite Highlander and Sentinel writers. It's a nice take on an after series wrap-up that just leaves you happy inside for the two boys.

At fifteen, he was surprised to find that he dreamed about Bran quite a bit, more and more often as the year went on, and he actually wondered if this was perhaps a hint from the Old One side of things that he should follow up on, if Bran were perhaps in some sort of danger... until one night he dreamed with depthless clarity that he was back on that hillside getting lessons in Welsh pronunciation, watching Bran's bow-shaped lips and pink tongue carefully, so very carefully, and the state in which he woke from this particular dream was quite sufficient to illuminate *that* mystery, and to prove that Bran wasn't really in much danger at all, as long as Will stayed away from him.

First Draft by [ profile] rhymer23 (ficlet, Merriam, gen) Written for the the [ profile] darkisrising100 challenge: the Book of Gramarye. This is short and sweet and most definitely giggle worthy. A lot of the drabbles on the [ profile] darkisrising100 community are very well written, but I just have to get off my butt and read them.

Lost prince, Beloved son, New boy, and Chosen heir by [ profile] rhymer23 (drabbles, Bran, gen) So as not to spoil the drabbles I'll quote you the author's intro to the them, Bran could have had an entirely different life, if different choices had been made by others round about the time of his birth. So here are four drabbles, three of them AU (each one being a different AU), and one "real."

Falling by [ profile] rhymer23 (oneshot, Will/Bran, dark) 'I will never forgive you', Bran says, when he finds out how much Will has hidden from him. Will raises his hand, and speaks a word... 'Anyone can fall, but some must not.' What I really love about this story is the look at Will and how imperfect people are. Imperfection is part of what makes someone human and even an Old One like Will succumbs to it.

WIP Update
Drop Dead Gorgeous chapter 1 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, H/D, post-war)
Quality of Mercy chapter 20 by [ profile] mistful AKA Maya (HP, Harry, Draco, 7th year AU)
Draco's Boy chapter 23: Normalcy by empathic siren (HP, H/D, AU)
Nice Hair webcomic strip 83 by [ profile] tweezle (Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton webcomic)
Revenge of the Mommy, fourth in the Raising Madison series by [ profile] mrshamill (SGA, AU, McShep, kid!fic)
Good to Want parts 2 & 3 by [ profile] yin_again (SGA, McShep)
Fundamental Difference of Experience chapter 15: Charcoal by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, pre-X1, Bobby/St.John)
For Nothing, For Everything chapter 11 by [ profile] terrayndian (FFVIII, Seifer/Squall, AU)
A Woman True and Fair chapter 23: Blackest Melodrama by [ profile] white_death (HMC, Howl/Sophie)
Out of Tune chapter 10 by [ profile] lit_gal (BtVS, Spander)
Protection chapter 6 by [ profile] bagheera_san (SV, Clex, futurefic, kid!fic)

On the [ profile] shinra_lackey front I'm done editing Title Match and High for [ profile] hikago_djs, but I just want to wait until the weekend to post them. I have a ton of work coming up, so my quest to finish Beside You 3 in Emperors by the 14th will be a stretch. Oh well.

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Date: 2006-12-05 10:13 pm (UTC)
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I saw the new Earthsea Ghibli movie and I enjoyed it a lot! Unfortunately, I've heard that people who have read the books don't like it all. I haven't read them so I couldn't compare them, but apparently a lot of the characters are completely unrecognizable. I think even the author of the book complained. It did quite well in Japan, but even with the Japanese public I think it was a hate it or love it kind of thing.

Oh, yeah, and Title Match looks good!! You guys did a great job!

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Date: 2006-12-06 02:00 pm (UTC)
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Ah, that's sort of what I figured for this movie. While Studio Ghibi is no Disney, the earthsea books aren't as happy and uplifting as most Ghibli tales (excluding Grave of the Fireflies), so I figured as much when I heard about the adaption.

And thanks for looking over Title Match! We're just happy that you were able to scan it for us, so we knew what the hech was going on in Besides You. ^_^

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Date: 2006-12-06 02:05 am (UTC)
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The link for 'First Son' goes someplace else, but a big thank you for the rec for Something Different. It's the Bran/Will I've always wanted to read.

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Date: 2006-12-06 01:56 pm (UTC)
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Eeek! Thanks for the heads up for the mis-linkage. *goes to fix*


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