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Ok, I've been putting off and putting off updating my rec journal because of all the backlog I have. Therefore any and all incoming recs for the next month are gonna be be pretty random. Gomen ^^

Today's topic will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, focus on Spander fics, since they're my OTP. Most of these won't be new to the die-hard fans of the fandom, so sorry for that.

Nessuno by [ profile] riani1 (complete, Spander, AU)
Through the Looking Glass by [ profile] kimberly_a (series, complete, slash, Spander, post-series)
S2!AR by [ profile] reremouse (series, complete, slash, Spander, post-series)
Wilderness by [ profile] reremouse (series, complete, Spander, post-series)
Xanpet by Seige (series, WIP, slash, BDSM, Spander, post-series)
Dogs of War by [ profile] tabaqui (complete, Spander, AU)
Credence by [ profile] tabaqui (series, WIP, Spander, some Xander/Oz, AU)
Details under the Cut )

WIP Updates will be posted when I have them a little more organized.
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Ok, to catch up with my Hikago backlog I'm doing quick recs, a summary and maybe a line or two expressing why I like the fic. Sorry that I can't do the authors justice with a more in depth review, but if I want to get any of them done, that's how it's going to have to be. Not anywhere near complete.

13 Fic Recs Under the Cut )

WiP Update
Brightly Burning 7/? by [ profile] aishuu (HnG, AU) OMG, why are you not reading this right now! Why am I not?!
Unfolding Fan 9/? (revised) by [ profile] issen4 (HnG, gen, futurefic)
19 (x19) Things That Never Happened, pt 6/19 by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, oneshots)
The Relative Value of Things, pt 3: Set by [ profile] rageprufrock (HnG, OgataXHikaru)
Somthing Wicked This Way Comes Part 10: Gardenia by [ profile] aishuu (DN, AU)
Nyctalopia part 3 sequel to Alter Egos by [ profile] aishuu (CCS, TouyaXYukito/Yue)
Talisman part of The Fundamental Difference of Experience arc by [ profile] kuriadalmatia (X-Men, Bobby/St. John)
The Obligatory Draco is a Veela story part 5 by [ profile] mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric) f-locked
The Veela Enigma Chapter 31: Veela Rescue 202 by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Visiting Hours Outtake and Part 12 by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, Conner, Clex)
Lullaby 5 and Lullaby: Father's Day by [ profile] herohunter (SV, Clex)
Blood of Confusion chapter 2 by [ profile] yukitsu (HxH)
Waking Up 9/9 by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
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Okay, this is where everyone is allowed to go eew, and wonder why I'm reading, let alone recommending some of the things that I do. Yep, this is where I unveil the Finding Nemo slash! If you were a member of the HP fandom in 2003, you probably already heard about these two fic by cimorene and Amanunensis, but if not, please give the idea a chance before you go running for the hills.

An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie by [ profile] amanuensis1 (oneshot, Nemo/Gill) Nemo and Gill have a chat after Nemo fails to lodge the pebble into the filter on the first try. Told from Nemo's point of view, I really like how [ profile] amanuensis1 gets into Nemo's head and shares with us hus frustration and his fear about his upcoming gifting to the Dentist's niece. For Nemo, his failure is both a death sentence and a reaffirmation of his handicap. He goes to Gill for comfort. Wonderful writing, the author rerally has her Disney characters down, and I loved Gill's conflict.

what it feels like by [ profile] cimorene111 (oneshot, slash for underage!fish sex) Inspired by An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie, this fic takes place post-movie. Gill and company have finally gotten out of the tank and have caught up with Nemo and his family at the Reef. My favorite of the two, cimorene does a great job with the storytelling, conveying how Nemo has changed from the fish he used to be brilliantly. cimorene also does what very few authors can do well, conveyed fish!sex. It doesn't even squick me that much, it's more cute than anything sorid. Another definite recommendation.

WiP Update
Grey part 22 by treneka (HnG, beware the het!Hikaru and Touya *gasp*)
Waking Up 8/9 by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
Morning, part 3 of the wonder!verse by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, X/S)
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 21/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, X/S)
Brothers. Part 2, chapter 3 by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (FMA, post-series, EdxHeiderich)
Lullaby 4 by [ profile] herohunter (SV, clex, futurefic)
The Obligatory 'Draco is a Veela' story part 4 by [ profile] mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric, comedy) friends-locked
Moving Forward part 9 and Moving Forward part 10 & epilogue by [ profile] trinityhelix (PoT, InuixKai, InuixYanagi) complete! Now you have no excuse
myDec 06 scrap by [ profile] lazulisong (DNAngel, incomplete)
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I'm not sure if most of you know [ profile] ukefied, but she's a swell girl. Funny and clever. Reading her journal entries and fanfics is always a joy. (I'm just avoiding her Leorio/Kurapika ones because I don't want to get sucked into another pairing) When I found out that she wrote Ayatsuri Sakon, I was so happy!

Dreams by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot) This fic paints Sakon from when he first gets Ukon to the present in the series. It's a beautiful portrayal of Sakon's feelings for Ukon as more than a puppet or as an extension of himself, but instead as a separate entity. I really enjoyed [ profile] ukefied's storytelling, making me both nostalgic for the series and wanting to watch the rest of the anime now!

Fic Links
Lullaby, Chapter 2 by [ profile] herohunter (SV, clex, futurefic)
Dreams of Dying part 5 by [ profile] elandrialore SV, clex)
[pic] Bath by [ profile] hime1999 for [ profile] familiar_series (FMA)
Gift by [ profile] ukefied (oneshot, AkiHika)
Wonder and its sequel Habit by [ profile] camisha (BtVS)
draco/(eminem) part 7 by [ profile] _peapod (HPxeminem)
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A Temporal Progression by Ju cee [ profile] orangensaft (oneshot, shounen-ai, Ogata Ashiwara)
Not Just A River In Egypt by Ju cee [ profile] orangensaft (oneshot, yaoi, AkiHika)
Of Hair and Obsessions by Ju cee [ profile] orangensaft (oneshot, shounen-ai, AkiHika)
One is One is One by [ profile] nopejr (ficlet, gen, Hikaru, Akira) originally recced by [ profile] issen4
Hikaru no Golf by [ profile] nopejr (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira, Kuwabara) also stolen from [ profile] issen4
Connections 1/2, 2/2, and Payment: "Connections" side story by [ profile] lady_addiction (series, complete, crossover with XXXHolic)
The Losers Circle and the The Losers Circle: Crack version by [ profile] flonnebonne (oneshot, shounen-ai)
Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 20/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, Spike/Xander)
Visiting Hours pt 11/? by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, Conner)
Draco Malfoy/(eminem) part 6 by [ profile] _peapod (HP/RPS: Draco Malfoy/(eminem))
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You know what annoys the hell out of me? When authors publically announce that they don't want fanwork created about their series. Then fans who would otherwise write amazing fanfiction feel obligated not to or go so far underground that other fans can't find it. I don't even mind that Robin Hobbs feels that way, the situation just annoys me. There should be a Fitz/Fool fandom! Raarr.

Well, anyways, Abaddon, [ profile] nothingbutfic wrote a brilliant Fitz/Fool interlude, the promise of happiness set in Fool's Fate that really gets both of the characters down pat. The dialog is also great, getting the writing to match very well with Hobb's.

Sidenote: Wohoo! I have members for [ profile] hikago_djs! Now all I have to do is type up those guidelines I wanted.
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Some of you might have already read these, but what the heck. Also, does anyone know a good site/journal for keeping up with the Smallville livejournal fandom? I already read goss' recs and visit the TWOP forums.

Frantic, or, the Day There Were No Porkchops, part 2, and part 3 by [ profile] seperis with epilogue by [ profile] svmadelyn (complete, clex, futurefic, humor)
Everything Is Fine by Henry Jones Jr. [ profile] sabershadowkat (oneshot, clex, written for CLFF 12th Wave challenge)
Smallville: Infinite Possibilities by Henry Jones Jr. [ profile] sabershadowkat (WiP, episode based, clex, AU)
Bliss by [ profile] siobhan_w (oneshot, clex)
Predictions by [ profile] mistressace (oneshot, clex, futurefic, minor character death)
Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
Unfolding Fan 8/? by [ profile] issen4 (HnG, futurefic, gen) and I promise to leave feedback next chapter *cowers*
Chasing a Shadow chapter 10: Strategies by [ profile] cienna (HnG, AkiHika)
A Good Offense chapter 1 by JoIsBishMyoga, sequel to The Best Defense (YYH/HP)
The Absence of Unhappy chapter 2, sequel to Snape's Vocation and The Owl and the Puppydog by Gillian Middleton (HP, gen child!Harry)
Bandages 8/? by [ profile] konitsu (FFVII/FVIII)

Made a new community, [ profile] hikago_djs! Share the love and join!
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Just a heads up to any ST:TNG fans that [ profile] alara_r's Burning Time part 1/? sequel to Guidance is out. It's a pre-slash look at Q after he was turned human by the Continuum and forced to remain that way. Three years later, after Picard successfully unloads Q onto starbase 56, he comes to visit and finds that Q has not adjusted well to being a mortal.
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Harry Potter and the Stone of Your Choice: Breadbox Edition, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Breadbox Edition, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Breadbox Edition by [ profile] evadne_noel (oneshots, parodies, humor)
Older, Wiser, Sadder by [ profile] astolat (oneshot, gen, slight pre-slash Harry/Snape)
Written by [ profile] zionsstarfish (oneshot, gen, Draco, Harry)
Letters To A Young Gentleman by [ profile] prillalar (oneshot, H/D)
The Ties That Bind by [ profile] dovielr (oneshot, slash, Snape/Lupin, warnings for bestiality)
Dreamless Sleep by [ profile] srichard(oneshot, slash, Snape/Lupin)
On Her Majesty's Wizarding Service. by [ profile] nothingbutfic (oneshot, complete, possible sequel, parody, humor)
The Care Of Infants part 1 and part 2 by [ profile] stellahobbit (complete, Slash, Harry/Severus)

Longer reviews under the cut )

Yup, and no Works in Progress updates yet, maybe later if all goes well. I'm also going to see if I can start up a weird idea. My idea you ask? Well, since it seems like Hikago doujinshi are in the decline amongst bl scanlators, I thought I'd set up a community where people can put up their raw/scanned doujinshi and other Hikago fans can volunteer to translate, while others can edit the scans into brand new scanlated HnG DJs for the masses. Meanwhile other members could put up their previously scanlated DJs up like in [ profile] yaoi_daily to share with everyone else. How's that sound? *crickets chirp* I'll probably be the only member for awhile.
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So, seeing as I have about a gazillion recs that I should be putting up, this first post will just be an update so as to not overwhelm myself right off the bat. RL and other interests have kept me away from this LJ, and I just added to that thinking about the daunting task of getting up to date. Then I just thought, "Screw it." And lo and behold, I post.

WIP Update

The Veela Enigma by [ profile] jennavere (Harry Potter, H/D)
How to Shag Your Most Hated Enemy and Still Feel Alright About it, You Know, Morally Speaking part 3 by [ profile] stellabelle (HP, H/D)
The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyoga (YYH/HP) completed
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 19/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, S/X)
Visiting Hours 10/? by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, AU, future-fic, Conner) sequel to Conflicts of Interest
The Plan 35/? by [ profile] herohunter (SV, clex) previous parts in Memories
Pretty When You're Mine 23/? by [ profile] seperis (SV, clex) previous parts here and here
Life of Mediocrity by [ profile] sabershadowkat (SV, clex) complete
Human Behavior 16/? by [ profile] suzvoy (SV, clex, AU)
The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange part 2, chapter 6 by [ profile] herongale (FMA, EdxScar) complete *spoilers*
Brothers part 2, chapter 2 by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (FMA, EdxAlphonse) *spoilerific*
Unfolding Fan 8/? by [ profile] issen4 (Hikago, gen, future-fic)

Most definitely not complete. Look for more updates later today. Oh, and a random plug. If you're interested in yaoi scanlations, please visit Doki Doki's site where I am now editing. Much fun can be had.


May. 2nd, 2005 01:48 am
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Bwahaha half-assed entry for you all! I'm watching Sorority Boys right now, so I should try to type up something during commercials and stop "putting off" updating. Bleh. Well on a personal note, I saw Green Day on Saturday. It was a fun concert. The opening act, My Chemical Romance was ok, but the sound system drowned out all the vocals with too much bass. By the time I got back after getting some dinner, I find out that a kid got beat up in the building, so I gossiped with the other RAs, and helped them go on rounds, so it was a four girl squad at two in the morning. I didn't go to sleep until 5 AM and then up and at'em for RA kickball at 12! I should really be asleep, but I wanted to watch this movie, but missed it while Simpsons and Family Guy was on. Now onto the fanfic links!

He loves him, she loves them A very well written Boston Globe article about BL and yaoi
DN page 60 is out!!! from We, the Fans. Go get it from their irc channel!

Fanfic/Fanart Links
The Veela Enigma chapter 29 by [ profile] jennavere (HP, H/D)
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 16/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, Spike/Xander)
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea third in the Trouble!verse by [ profile] camisha (BtVS, Spike/Xander)
Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen. And Watch Smallville. by [ profile] svmadelyn and [ profile] nifra_idril (SV)
GonxKillua 30_kisses submissions by [ profile] sub_divided (HxH)
The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange: Six by [ profile] herongale (FMA, ScarxEd) *spoilers*
Jurisdiction, part of the Trial Arc latests installment of the [ profile] alter_series by [ profile] acdragonmaster and illustrated by [ profile] hime1999 (FMA) *spoilers*
Female Sai part 4/? by Lady J (HnG)
Three Hikago ficlets by [ profile] serene_anarchy (HnG, WayaxIsumi, KagaxTsutsui)
Drabble Meme part 1 by [ profile] lazulisong (various)
Drabble Meme part 2 by [ profile] lazulisong (various)
Drabble Meme part 3 by [ profile] lazulisong (various)
Ryuk/apple drabble by [ profile] vikki (DN)

Going to go finsish the movie now and then immerse myself in Sorority Boy/Michael Rosenbaum slash. Woohoo!

If you're looking for more recs, check out [ profile] try_this_fic or volunteer yourself! I'll be recommending FFVII fics this month.
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If I'm lucky there's going to be two updates coming up. This one for The Dark is Rising and the next for Fullmetal Alchemist. That way all the anime enthusiasts can have something to look at.

So my pairing of choice for the The Dark is Rising is Will/Bran with the ocassional gen fic thown in there for good measure. DiR is a five book series written by the extremely talented Susan Cooper and comprises Under Sea, Over Stone, The Dark is Rising, The Greenwitch, The Grey King, and Silver on the Tree. I first read the series when I was in fifth grade, so they're light reading and you could plow through them in 2-3 days if you're feeling ambitious.

The main character, Will Stanton, is the last of the Old Ones, charged with five others to defeat the Dark from gaining power in the mortal world. Will, along with his mentor Merriam, the Drew children, and Bran Davies compromise the forces of the Light who are the only ones who can combat the Dark. The setting is modern day Europe and mixes in beuatifully Arthurian legend and folklore as well as Welsh myth.

And since I'm too lazy and not articulate enough, I'm going to point you all to [ profile] ninkasa's excellent Will/Bran essay, Wonderful Journey, written for [ profile] ship_manifesto.

Harmony, Faith and Up in Smoke by [ profile] aishuu (drabbles, gen)
Protection by [ profile] sheldrake (oneshot, gen, slight Will/Bran)
Christmas Wishes by [ profile] the_reader (oneshot, Will/Bran)
To Remember For Always by [ profile] genarti (oneshot, Will/Bran)
Longer reviews under here )

Fanart Rec
The Raven Boy by [ profile] adamasoda A lovely older!Bran drawing, the rest of [ profile] adamasoda's artwork is hosted at Celestial Soda Pop

And I promise to add to these recs soon, I just need to reimerse myself in the fandom.

Fanfic Links/WiP Update
The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange: Four by [ profile] herongale (FMA, ScarxEd) you have to go read this. guh.
Brothers, part 2, chapter 1 continued by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (Edxalter!Alphonse) *spoilers*
Before the Fall by [ profile] ponderosa121 (FF VI, Kefka/Edgar) brilliant creepy!Kefka. loved it.
Why part 2/? by [ profile] svz_insanity (HnG)
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken chapter 13 by [ profile] kye_kestrel (HxH, KuroroxKurapika)
Wishful Thinking: Attempt #1 by [ profile] ysabet (DNAngel/XXXHolic)
Reprise 1/3 by [ profile] aishuu (PoT, Ryoma) spin-off of Thirty, the sequel to Dross
We All Fall Down part 5 by [ profile] rosesmove (SV)
Snupin Challenges Continued by [ profile] demon_of_rice (HP, Snape/Lupin)
sic transit gloria mundi Letter Twenty-Six by [ profile] _furorbelli_ and [ profile] decerto (HP)
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Yeah, so, this update was supposed to be posted a long time ago. RL and laziness got in the way. Plus I was being a horrible, horrible, fangirl and putting off reading Pru's Visiting Hours until tonight. What was wrong with me?

Silence is Easy by Cynique (oneshot, shounen-ai, AkiHika)
While You Were Away by [ profile] issen4 (oneshot, gen, Hikaru, Akira)
Heat by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, yaoi AkiHika)
Blossoming by [ profile] thehoyden (oneshot, shounen-ai, AkiHika)
Precipitation by [ profile] karabana (oneshot, slight AkiHika)
Conditioning by [ profile] karabana (oneshot, shounen-ai, AkiHika)
Rumor Mill by [ profile] harukami (onehsot, AkiHika, humor)
untitled Valentine's fic by [ profile] hebiserpens (oneshot, yaoi, AkiHika)
Nigiri by [ profile] hebiserpens (oneshot, AkiHika)
Mr. Dress Up by [ profile] flonnebonne (oneshot, gen, humor)
Longer reviews under here )

And after writing out these recs, I've realized that everyone has probably already read these fics and left feedback. I am a bad fangirl. *le sigh*

Fanfic Links
Visiting Hours pt 8/? by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, Conner, because damn it, he's more important than the pairing)
Powers: The Nature of Friendship (v. 2.0) by [ profile] harukami (Slayers, XelxZel) who I never noticed wrote the original Friendship arc. huh.
The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange: Three by [ profile] herongale (FMA, ScarxEd) spoilerific!
Brothers part 2 1/? Brothers Part 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 by [ profile] kalikamaxwell (FMA, Edxalter!Alphonse) spoilerific!
51 Snupin Challenges by [ profile] demon_of_rice (HP, SnapexLupin) in the vein of [ profile] amanuensis1's 53 Stories About Snape and Black
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. Spike/Xander 14/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, Spike/Xander)
In From The Cold 26/26 by [ profile] reremouse and [ profile] camisha (BtVS, Xander/William, Xander/Spike) complete
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I'm feeling a little lazy, but I want to update, so here's a half-assed WiP Update post.

Life of Mediocrity part 31 by Henry Jones Jr [ profile] sabershadowkat (SV, clex)
We All Fall Down part 4 by [ profile] rosesmove (SV, clex)
Visiting Hours pt 6/? continuation of Conflicts of Interest by [ profile] rageprufrock (SV, clex, Conner)
sic transit gloria mundi Letter Twenty-Two by [ profile] _furorbelli_ and [ profile] decerto (HP)
Mission X chapter Twenty-Two: More Pieces of the Puzzle by Kurome Shiretsu (YYH/Xmen Evolution)
The Wonders of the Legal Process (third part of the Trial Arc) part of the [ profile] alter_series by [ profile] acdragonmaster and illustrated by [ profile] hime1999, previous installments are here (FMA)
Narcissism chapter 5 by Hatsbox (Gravitation)
my december 05 : another perfect day by [ profile] lazulisong (DNAngel)

Also, welcome to any of the random people who've friended me. I don't really have an introductory post for people to comment in, so if anyone feels so inclined they can say hello in any old entry.
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Sigh. My recs are getting slowly, but surely up to date.

April 2005 Word A Day Drabbles: Death Note [Light, L] by [ profile] kleos_fic (oneshot, Light, L, crack) Light's plan to kill L backfires. Funny stuff. The author has so many funny one liners and just out there situations. A must read.

Legalism by [ profile] sub_divided (oneshot, Light) Aizawa and Matsuda ask Light about his opinion on a jury system. It's smart and intelligent and what I love about this fic is that [ profile] sub_divided can illustrate beautifully Light's blind spots about himself.

[ profile] deathnote100 Read all the drabbles at the community. They're great and thought provoking.
Mythology for the mythology challenge by [ profile] firedraygon97
Childhood for the childhood challenge by [ profile] firedraygon97
The Seer of Truth for the mythology challenge by [ profile] shukuun
Their Favourite Pastime for the favorites challenge by [ profile] okobi
Picking Favorites for the favorites challenge by [ profile] julysixth

Art Recs
Koyar's Death Note Fancomics by [ profile] koyar originally recced by [ profile] aelice Hilarious stuff with nice artwork.
summer by [ profile] impishimp cute piece with a half naked L.
Death Note art dump by [ profile] hooli Multiple sketches. Lovely stuff.
Death Note X South Park: UPDATED by [ profile] cooked_sashimi Death Note sprites, South Park style. So cute.

Sorry about the long post, and the next one will have the wip updates.
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Slowly going through my Kare Kano scanlations. That's all. ;)

In Times of Need by kireira (oneshot, gen)
Just Visiting by kireira (oneshot, gen)
About Creating Worlds by [ profile] katharos_8 (oneshot, gen)
Same Path by [ profile] svz_insanity (oneshot, gen)
Names by [ profile] hanahadauncute (oneshot, AkiHika)

Longer reviews under here )

Art rec
[Doujinshi] Kimi ni Chu 3 - Various scanlations by [ profile] leviosa8 (dj, AkiHika, Kaga/Tsutsui, humor)

WiP Update
In From The Cold 24/26 by [ profile] reremouse and [ profile] camisha (BtVS)
Human Behaviour 13/? by [ profile] suzvoy (SV)
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A not so secret pairing for me now: ScarxAl. I am so going to hell for liking these. Well at least I'm not going after EdxAl yet...

[ profile] youkofujima's ScarxAl pics: White Day pics, more uke!Al, and more porn, which got me into the ScarxAl kick in the first place. not work-safe!
Solo Performance by [ profile] sailormac (oneshot, yaoi, ScarxAl) Written for [ profile] youkofujima's drabble challenge. Teh hotness.
Sayonara, Sensei... by [ profile] jade_pen (oneshot, ScarxAl) I still have to read this *sigh*
Don’t Stand So Close to Me part 1 and part 2 by [ profile] lukassa (complete, ScarxAl) aggressive!Al
Etude by [ profile] kaitou_marina (oneshot, ScarxAl) A wonderful fic for when Al is in the gate. Very moving. Based on this pic. *spoilers*
Firebird by [ profile] laylah_r (oneshot, ScarxAl) Lovely ScarxAl interaction and very steamy.

[ profile] alter_series has been updated! (FMA) *spoilers*
You Can Call Me Al 1-6 by [ profile] scribblinlenore (SV)
Smallville: Infinite Possibilities Episode Seven - Resurgent by [ profile] sabershadowkat (SV)
Human Behaviour 12/? by [ profile] suzvoy (SV)

These hilarious posts by [ profile] starbringer59 in [ profile] customers_suck: The Guy Who Wanted Me To Kennel His RoboDog, RoboDog and the Owner of Doom, and RoboDog Sends Reinforcements
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Always assume there are spoilers for Hikago recs, especially for volume 15 and beyond for the manga and whatever episode it corresponds to in the anime.

Conversations Over a Go Board by [ profile] smuga (series, complete, AkiHika)
Chosei by [ profile] aishuu (oneshot, gen)
Skipping Stones by [ profile] issen4 (oneshot, gen)
Finding Sai by [ profile] issen4 (series, complete, gen)
My Stranger, My Son by [ profile] betulaleafminer (oneshot, gen)
crystalkey's Hikago artwork Lovely stuff, so maybe one of you will have more courage than me and tell him/her.
Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
sic transit gloria mundi Letter 20 by Abaddon [ profile] _furorbelli_ and [ profile] decerto (HP)
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 13/? by [ profile] amejisuto (BtVS, Spike/Xander)
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Hey everyone, getting off my lazy arse and getting some more recs out of the way.

82% by [ profile] canis_m (oneshot, Chihiro/Haku)
A Heart that Cannot Understand by [ profile] aishuu (oneshot, Chihiro/Haku)
Kompeitou Sky by Mandarin Huntress (oneshot, Chihiro/Haku)
Randomly - Haku 'fic by [ profile] tokyofish (oneshot, gen, Haku)
A Well of Living Water by [ profile] tiamatschild (ficlet, Chihiro/Haku)
Her Wishes by [ profile] appalling_fool (oneshot, Chihiro/Haku)
Longer reviews under here )

Human Behaviour 11/? by [ profile] suzvoy (SV)
The Plan 34/? by [ profile] herohunter (SV)
Endless Moments part 5 by [ profile] maboroshi_hime (FMA/HP)
Something Wicked This Way Comes part 9 by [ profile] aishuu (DN)
In From the Cold 23/? by [ profile] camisha (BtVS)

An interview with CLAMP about X pointed out to me by [ profile] velvetpaws

- Green, who really needs to stop revisiting her old fandoms so much
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Random Harry Potter recs and sorry about the lack of in depth analysis.

The Sparrow Prince by [ profile] wayfairer (oneshot, gen)
A Soft Spot for Lost Causes by [ profile] helenish (complete, Ron/Draco)
Days Before by Rae (oneshot, Harry/Draco) first recced by [ profile] switchknife
Irresistible Poison by [ profile] iscaris (series, complete, H/D)
Snakes and Lions by [ profile] gatewaygirl (series, complete, H/D)
Longer reviews under here )

WiP Update
Finding Sai 7/7 by [ profile] issen4 (Hikago) complete
Grey Part 21. Playing Blind by treneka (Hikago)
Shacking Up 29/32 by [ profile] entrenous88 (BtVS, S/X) The Spander amuses me, the
In from the Cold 22/26 by [ profile] reremouse and [ profile] camisha (BtVS, Xander/William, Xander/Spike)
Human Behaviour 10/? by [ profile] suzvoy (SV)

Random stuff that's been keeping me busy
Sukisyo Anime is done by aarinfantasy and co. It's cute, but a little too rushed at only 12 episodes.
[ profile] snakes_ladders
No More Snakes and Ladders archived at [ profile] snakes_ladders by [ profile] reremouse and [ profile] tabaqui is an interesting post season 7 BtVS Spander fic. Currently at part 8.
Survival by [ profile] camisha (BtVS)


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